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Do you want to build your brand? Would you take time to engage your prospects, and increase your sales?  

As a plethora of potential customers you need to redirect them to your website then you will reap the benefits of high traffic for your local business.

Old Media vs. New Media

    Direct Mail vs. Email

Networking vs. Social Media

TV vs. You Tube

Radio Vs. Podcast

Newspaper vs.. Blog


Here some common terms for Social Media

Content is what you post on all your social media. Content comes in various structures, and you want to fit it to every platform.  What is more important than content, is context.

 Content is king, but context is god by Gary Vaynerchuk

A consumer is the final user of a purchased product or service, but you need first to provide them value by creating helping videos, new recipes click here or funny cartoons.  I teach entrepreneurship and this is what we always ask our student, what is more important  “want or need”.  Give the consumer what they want.  

Social Pilot a social media marketing tool.

Social Pilot is a social media marketing tool that helps companies, teams, and digital marketing professionals automate their social media management activities most importantly they are affordable. 


A powerful, simple tool for sending emails, creating pages, and automating your marketing. I love it. 

Black Friday Week 2021 v2



When you give something valuable, people will give you their contact information willingly. This is why ebooks can help you attract good leads.

Why I choose WordPress athemes?

Because it’s a lightweight WordPress Theme. How fast does your website load? Find out with GTmetrix. 

I work with athemes easy to use, WordPress themes, and lightweight. I use athemes with wordpress719.

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