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What is an Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship?

An entrepreneur is a person who starts a business.

Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a business by identifying potential markets, gathering the necessary resources, managing the business plus identifying risks.

Because if this is your goal to become an entrepreneur then there is a lot to be done…


Firstly, An entrepreneur

If you want to be a great entrepreneur and a successful individual in life first thing you got to find the need and find a solution for it.

There are a lot of needs out there, and mostly importantly, who is actually solving the problems? Is it you or someone else? 

Never compromise for the sake of money, the sake of power, for the sake of fame because they will be all short lived.

Lived the world of possibility.


Is it your Passion, peoples Need, how will you manage your business, and who will design it.

  1. Follow your passion: The fact that the business owner has personally invested in the type of business will provide a reason to succeed.
  2. Fill a need: If you fill a need for a product or a service that you offer is unique, it will automatically be a demand.
  3. Manage a better business:  Do you have entrepreneurship experience.  That’s the key!
  4. Designing or inventing a product:  Find the solution to a problem and what would this solution look like in the form of a product. Is there a demand for your product? What makes you Unique, give your readers what they want, give them solutions to their problems, and not a sales pitch!

What if you failed?

If you failed, try to use the Scientific method to find out why you failed. First, make an observation, ask the question why, propose a hypothesis, secondly, make a prediction, test your prediction, and the conclusion is the result?



GDP, Gross Domestic Product

The GDP helps to determine the economic health of a nation because when it increases it means that people are working and goods are in demand. 

What are your goals and visions?

Think about it, what are your Goals and how do you see your family’s vision.

My father worked hard as a hotel owner and merchant and it all started when he was 17 years old. My grandparents moved to the Congo originally from Cyprus, and that’s where  it all started in Africa.

His vision included his family, the travels we took together, the cries and the laughters, the friends that we met on our journey, I will never forget my journeys around the world.

Listen to that voice within you and create a vision.

I learned a lot in my travels, discovering new cultures, new people, new food, families that I did not know existed, my work experiences, and the wars.  You can take my stuff, but No one can take away my experiences and that’s a Master Degree.

If you don’t have a clear vision where you want to go and do in your life, someone else will control you and someone else’s will control your vision.  It happened to me, I created someone else’s vision and not my vision.

What are your beliefs, your vision, your strategy, your purpose, and of course you’re “Why”.  Why not you!

Never say “it’s too late” because It’s never too late.

I teach entrepreneurship, and I have experience doing it.

“Vision without action is daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. “~Japanese Proverb

Optimism is the vision for the future

Mission is the vision for the future

Experiences is the vision for the future

Aspiration is the vision for the future.  Elevate your aspiration.

Wealth is the vision for the future

Nature State happy in the now

Energy happy in the now

Spirituality happy in the now

Education happy in the now and a vision for the future

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Know Your Customer

Determine & define your target market (Picture your perfect customer)
What are their wants & needs?
What are their fears and pains?
What motivates them?
Think like a searcher when determining your keywords and key phrases.
What does your customer like to know.


What do you want in life?

In order to get what you want in life start visualizing your vision. 

Create a vision board.

I have questions for you:

Where do you want to be in 2,3, or 5 years, your travels, your spirituality, your family, your friends, your health and your business?.

Don’t let anything distract your vision.  

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We tend to put business first, but first, it should be all the above:

  • Family     
  • Health
  • Spirituality
  • Business
  • Travel
  • Friends

What would you do? 

  1. Reading and Learning
  2. Learn who you are?
  3. Your financial life?
  4. Are you happy with your quality of life?
  5. Relaxing and enjoying your family.
  6. How about your health?

Online statistic and according to optinmonster.com In 2019, it’s estimated there are 1.92 billion digital buyers, and eCommerce sales account for 14.1% of retail purchases worldwide.

Since online shopping, in general, is growing so fast, the next statistic shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. In 2023, eCommerce retail purchases are expected to rise from 14.1% to 22%. Firstly,  If you want to explore the top drop shipping suppliers contact socket.


Top Small Business Ideas-Hot New Opportunities in 2022

Check the website for more detail: The KissAss Entrepreneur and  Ippei best small business ideas

  1. Start a blog (how to create a blog)
  2. Business consulting www.hitrole.com
  3. Olive Oil Pop-Up Shop estimates $2 billion
  4. Construction www.alloycorporation.com
  5. Gourmet Popcorn Kiosk 1.5 billion in sales in the US
  6. Gourmet Cookies
  7. Tutoring, online and in-person 
  8. Smothie & Juice Bar estimated $3 billion in the USA.
  9. Property Management
  10. Technology consulting and Repair
  11. Marketing Services
  12. Personal Trainer
  13. Have Van will help (many need help with moving both and small)
  14. Freelance are upwards of 1.3 trillion in any number of professions. www.wordpress719.com
  15. Gardening and Grass Cutting
  16. Snow Clearing
  17. Real Estate Brokerage
  18. Mobile Hair Cutting
  19. Handy man/handy person
  20. Food truck market raked in revenues of around $1.1 billion.  (Rent is high, so now you will see more and more Food trucks back to basics? 
  21. Cafe & Tea Salon industry worth $67.663 million
  22. Catering best small business ideas-hot new opportunities in 2021 revenues of $13.4 billion in 2020.
  23. Social Media Consultant
  24. Tax Preparer
  25. Translator (foreign language)
  26. Video production
  27. Travel Planning
  28. Telemarketing (oh no!)
  29. Bicycle Repair
  30. Boat cleaning
  31. Ride-Sharing Driver


Accounting professional Invoicing and Billing

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How visitors engage with your websites?

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